• Custom Tattooing
    Experience Counts
    We have some of the most experienced and talented artists living and working in Colorado. Come see why we have some of the best ratings in Northern Colorado. We strive to make your visit as comfortable as possible while giving you some of the best tattoo artwork in Colorado!
  • Body Piercing
    Home of the $20 Body Piercing

    Runic Body Art is Fort Collins' and Northern

    Colorado’s premier body piercing shop! We have the best prices and customer service for all of your body piercing needs. Period. Our piercer, Rachelle Gaonea, learned to pierce apprenticing under Runic Founder Jason Van Tatenhove. She also has here First Aid, CPR, and Blood-borne Pathogens certifications all up to date.
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  • Laser Tattoo Removal
    Northern Colorado's Best Removal Prices!
    We have an in-house laser tattoo removal studio. Use an FDA approved, Q-Switched, YAG Laser, our certified tattoo removal technicians can help you get back to beautiful. What sets us apart is our understanding and ability to combine removal and traditional tattoo cover up to give you the best body art experience and most options available.

  • Runic's F.A.Q.
    Our most frequently asked questions

    If you are coming in for your first ever tattoo or piercing and not sure what to expect or have a question on our lifetime guarantee. Check out our FAQ page to find the answers to our shop policies.

Custom Tattooimage

Runic Body Art has some of the best tattoo artist living and working here in Northern Colorado. We are a fully custom shop creating beautiful and unique works of art that will last a lifetime. Between the 3, full time, tattoo artists we have on staff, we are able to handle any and all tattooing styles. Our hourly rates usually run about $100 an hour and we often will price tattoos by the piece. Please, shop around and you will find that, once again, we have some of the best values in all of Fort Collins and Colorado. We also provide life time free touch-up’s on any of the work that goes out of our shop. Our tattoo artists are: Robzilla, who has over 13 years of shop experience and is renown for his realistic horror genre work and photo-realistic portraiture. Benjamin, who has over 6 years of shop experience coming from the North Platte, Nebraska area, and is well rounded in all tattooing genres. Mark Alive has just relocated from the Denver area where he has worked at some of the best shops in the area. Mark has some incredible color and neo-traditional work. Please see the each artists album below for their digital portfolio.

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Laser Tattoo Removalimage   

What truly sets us apart at the Laser Removal Clinic at Runic, is we are able to really help you to remove or covrer up any tattoos that you may not be happy with. It used to be that if you had a bad tattoo you just had to suffer with it.Now through a combination of laser tattoo removal and the expertise of our professional artists you are able to turn something that you are embaressed about into a beautiful piece of body art that you would want to show off to the world. we strive for the best experience we can offer for your tattoo removal. Our Colorado Laser College certified technician will give you an honest quote for your specific needs during your free initial consultation. Being located in a tattoo studio allows our technicians to not only, remove your tattoo, but, allows us to consult directly with a tattoo artist on other alternatives, such as lightening the original tattoo to allow more cover-up options and we can even help you to save money by offering package deals on removal along with new tattoo work.. This unique knowledge base allows us to offer a different perspective on tattoo removal. Our Medical Director is Dr. Greg Denzel.
We are the only tattoo studio with an in-house laser tattoo removal clinic currently in Northern Colorado!

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Body Piercingimage

Runic Body Art is Fort Collins' and Northern Colorado’s premier body piercing shop! We have the best prices and customer service for all of your body piercing needs. Period. Our Piercer, Rachelle Gaona  apprenticed under Jason Van Tatenhove (one of the founders of Runic). . She has her First Aid, CPR, and Blood-borne Pathogens certifications all up to date. We guarantee all of our work and we have up front pricing. All of our standard, above the belt piercings are just $20 including 316 L surgical grade stainless steel. The only way this will cost you more is if you would like an upgraded piece of jewelry and that is only $5.00 more. Our dermal anchors are $40 and includes jewelry. Any below to belt piercings are $50. We guarantee all of our work.

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What Clients Say

I went to Runic because several people I know gave me glowing reviews for them. And, I must say,I was not dissapointed! I got a tattoo in my mom"s memory by Robzila and he did a great job. He was very kind to me, paid attention to what I wanted, and made sure I was 100% ready before he started  tattooing me. He talked to me and my fianceeand semed to know when the pain was getting to be a bit much and would back off for a second without being asked.

Justice M., Fort Collins CO,        via Yelp