The Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic at Runic

Runic Body Art is only Body Art Studio in the State that also offer an In-house laser tattoo removal clinic. Please click on the following button to launch our Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic Website.

 Tattoo Removal Clinic

We are currently offering the BEST prices on laser tattoo removal in Colorado! Shop around and compare. Our prices are up to HALF of our competition.
We have all made mistakes. Some just tend to be more permanent than others. Up until recently, the tattoos you regret having got needed to be covered up with a much bigger, much darker tattoo or simply tolerated. Over the past decade, the science of laser tattoo removal has made it possible to effectively get rid of unwanted tattoos without extensive scarring, virtually restoring your skin to its natural state.
At the Laser Removal Clinic at Runic, we strive for the best experience we can offer for your tattoo removal. Our Colorado Laser College certified technicians will give you an honest quote for your specific needs during your free initial consultation. Being located in a tattoo studio allows our technicians to not only, remove your tattoo, but, they can work with you and the tattoo artists of Runic Body Art on other alternatives, such as lightening the original tattoo to allow more cover-up options and pair you with an outstanding tattoo artist immediately. This unique knowledge base allows us to offer a different perspective on tattoo removal. Our Medical Director is Dr. Greg Denzel.
We are the only laser tattoo removal clinic currently in Fort Collins!
Using a Palomar ND:YAG Q-switched laser system, we are able to specifically target the pigment in your tattoo. Our laser is ink-reactive, which means in the case of fine lines, we are able to remove your tattoo without burning you. Because the laser passes through the fine upper layer of skin, the epidermis, and goes directly into the pigment in the thicker layer of skin, the dermis, the procedure is totally sterile, as your skin is never broken.

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I took my 3 daughters (7, 5 and 3) to have their ears pierced and it couldn't have been a better experience. We may not be the typical customer, but everyone was very nice to us. Jason was very patient with my girls, answering their many nervous questions. The shop is very clean, organized and appeared well run. The employees seem to enjoy their jobs and all that we met were very friendly. I would highly recommend this shop

- Lisa